Friday, January 17, 2014

Those moments that push you onward...

I went to a critique on Wednesday, the montly Pikes Peak Writers critique.  Darby Karchut (forgive me if I spell the name wrong) was there to review the submissions.  She said very good things about my writing, which is, once in a while, exactly what a writer needs to push them to that next level of productivity.

I have outlined my book 2 to 30 chapters now, my wife is reviewing that outline today at work.  I have a few ideas for reorganizing book 1, and a chapter I wrote for book 2 is going to be moved into book 1.  I think the readers need to have a lot more exposure to the Hive.  The Hive are cold and inhuman, logical to the extreme, and very ruthless in their goals.  Their goals?  More human hosts for their nanite intelligence.

Regardless, I'm writing again, although I haven't done so today.  It's freezing in my office, and it's hard to write if you're not comfortable.  I have turned up the heat....

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The flu

I've had the flu since 12/26/13.  I'm FINALLY at the end of the tunnel, I think, and can see the light.  I hope.

It's a great diet plan, but wow, it's hard on every other aspect of your life.  I've lost 20 pounds.  I haven't written a thing. 

That will probably change within the next few days, however.  The kids are going back to school off of Christmas break, and other than a pesky cough and a few other minor things, the flu is about gone.  Another plus is I sound like Barry White at the moment. 

"Hey baby, yeah, come on over and talk to me about that..."


Oh yeah.

I wonder what the science of losing/stressing your voice is?  Do the vocal cords actually become looser and therefore deeper?  Hmmmm.  So many of life's little mysteries, so little time.